3 Good Things to Know before You Start a Trucking Career

If you enjoy traveling and seeing the world through a windshield, trucking may be a good career for you. As with any career, however, there are some good things to know before you take the plunge and start a trucking career of your own. These tips will help prepare you so that if you do become a trucker, you’ll enjoy it more and hopefully be able to do it for longer. So, before you haul your first load, here are three good things to keep in mind.

The Hours Are Different

When a customer needs an order shipped, they don’t mean they want it shipped at your convenience. As a truck driver, you are captive to the needs and schedule of your customers, meaning your schedule can vary and be somewhat unpredictable. Of course, this irregular schedule can also offer flexibility since you’ll likely find yourself with time off at times when other people are working, allowing you to enjoy shorter lines at places you need to go.

Regular Service Is Crucial

Especially if you own your own truck, it’s extremely important that you keep it serviced on a regular basis. Whereas a car that’s not regularly maintained could lead to some slightly costly repairs, a truck that’s not regularly maintained can end up with a large repair bill, a lot of time and money lost. On top of that, a poorly maintained truck can be a major hazard to you and to other drivers on the road. So, take care of your truck, and if you do find yourself in need of major repairs, make sure they’re done by a qualified technician with a service like Florida Truck & Trailer CO. who can do the job correctly.

Sit a Spell

Truck driving requires long periods of sitting in one place. For some, this can be difficult due to pre-existing medical conditions. It’s important to consider whether your knees, back, and neck, as well as the rest of your body can handle these long sitting sessions. Regular stretching and exercise are important during those times when you do make a stop to ensure your body stays flexible and strong for the long journey ahead.

You’re in High Demand

Though a life on the road isn’t always the most glamorous, it’s good to know that, if you do become a truck driver, you’ll be in high demand. As e-commerce increases, companies continue to depend more and more on trucks and their drivers to get their goods to customers. With solid job security and great pay, truck driving can be a great long-term career.


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