Day: December 6, 2018

The Surprising Step You Should Take to Find Your Next Job Opportunity

Between the new opportunities, colleagues and environment, starting a new job is often an exciting time. What’s not so exciting? The job search process itself. I have yet to meet a person who actually enjoys scouring open job listings, vetting companies and coordinating interview times (or worse — hearing radio silence […]

Doing Research to Ace an Interview

When you go into an interview, you probably feel pretty confident that you know your own job history and skill set. Of course, you’re nervous—everybody is—but you at least have the information about yourself at your fingertips. But what’s a way to help ease some of your nerves even more? […]

Online Presence and Personal Brand Management: 5 Things to Remember

Your online presence, or lack of it, matters in senior-level executive job search. Learn how to build a far-reaching online identity. The post Online Presence and Personal Brand Management: 5 Things to Remember appeared first on Executive Career Brand. Read Complete Article

Should Your Executive Resume and LinkedIn Summary be the Same?

Every executive should know their resume and LinkedIn profile should be treated differently. If not, it’s one of the first things executive resume services will point out. But what about the summary section of each? Many people make the mistake of using the same summary for both their resume and […]

5 Retirement Strategies Companies Need to Start Planning For Now

I recently wrote a blog post over on our other blog, Unretirement Project, about the “5 Retirement Strategies that Individuals Need to Start Planning For”. It came from a session that I attended during the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) annual conference. But employees aren’t the only ones that […]

Canada Resume Format (Examples and Tips Included)

If you’re moving to Canada and don’t yet have employment lined up, you will need a resume to begin your job search. Though it’s tempting to think that all resumes are created equal, that’s simply not the case. Employers in […] The post Canada Resume Format (Examples and Tips Included) […]