Day: November 9, 2018

Can Employers Check Employment History Through a Background Check?

As the jobs market has become ever more competitive, a quality resume is more important than ever. Unfortunately, that may inspire some job candidates to be less than honest about their past. In some instances, job-seekers may omit crucial details […] The post Can Employers Check Employment History Through a […]

6 Ways Marriage Can Train Business Owners to Solve Problems

What do marriage, launching a start-up company, and managing a growing business have in common? They all require expert problem solving skills at a moment’s notice. Nobody has the perfect marriage. All couples will disagree or run into unexpected situations at some point during their relationship. This may involve financial […]

8 Beginner Online Classes to Learn Data Science on Your Own Time

You’re fascinated by data. You love finding patterns in numbers, predicting future outcomes, and using that knowledge to hit company goals. The thing is, you’re a total beginner in data science. Lucky for you, these eight free (or cheap) online classes can help you learn data science in no time. […]

The Biggest Interview Pitfalls According to a Hiring Manager

Over the years, I have interviewed hundreds if not thousands of candidates for jobs in a variety of industries, roles and countries. There have been countless memorable moments, both good and bad, which is why I am thrilled to share my insights into what I look for in a candidate […]

Avoiding Irreparable Resume Mistakes

Today I want to tell you about a client, “Greg.” His current company, while a successful, mature business, is having trouble allocating resources to an offshoot they charged Greg to lead. It’s causing all sorts of problems on delivery execution and financial reporting. On top of it, Greg is concerned […]

Technology Doesn’t Replace People – Friday Distraction

(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at Kronos, a leading provider of workforce management and human capital management cloud solutions. Kronos is hosting a free eSymposium for HR and payroll professionals next week. The event is also eligible for professional development credits. Check it out and enjoy […]