Day: October 10, 2018

Recovering from Interview Mistakes

Recovering from interview mistakes is easier than you might think, but avoiding blunders altogether is best. Still, fumbling an interview question is a mistake anyone can make. Here are some common blunders and how to to regain your footing after you make them. An Example of an Interview Answer Gone Bad […]

Three Tips to Unleash the Creative Entrepreneurs in Your Community

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. If you are wondering how to take on the challenges of a shifting global economy, investing in creative industries entrepreneurs tackles economic, civic, and social challenges and is found in every community in every corner of the globe. From Boston to Bangladesh, creative […]

I’m an English Major Who Works in Marketing at Urban Outfitters

Nathalie Ramirez oversees brand partnerships and music marketing for Urban Outfitters. She was also an English major. I sat down with her to learn how she crafted her career path around the skills and passions she developed in college. Check out how Ramirez brings pop culture finesse into retail. Read […]

Are You A Sales Maverick? AppDynamics Wants You

The next generation of successful salespeople knows the power of scientifically approaching the sales process and leveraging exemplary communication skills to deliver. Don’t take Glassdoor’s word for it. Senior Director of Global Talent for Sales at AppDynamics, Edna Yan, insists that this is what she’s looking for when hiring for […]