Day: June 13, 2018

How Many Jobs Applications Should You Be Sending Out Per Day or Week?

A common question job seekers have is how many jobs they should be applying to in a day, week or month. The truth is that you should be applying to as many jobs as you’re qualified for. There is no […] The post How Many Jobs Applications Should You Be […]

Resume Sections: What You Need and Where You Need Them

Good resume design is all about ensuring that your most important skills, experience, and qualifications are easily understood by a recruiter or hiring manager. These days, that means your resume sections must make it easy for both human readers and the applicant tracking systems (ATS) they use. In order to do […]

The Ultimate Guide to Writing An Executive Resume When You Don’t Have a College Degree

I understand the stress executives without degrees feel when they’re ready to make their next career move – or being forced to make it. It can be worrisome especially when so many companies are putting an incredible amount of emphasis on a degree that may not even affect the ability […]

15 Companies That Offer Transgender-Inclusive Health Insurance Coverage

Health insurance coverage is a very important benefit of employment — one that should be available to every worker. Unfortunately, some companies’ insurance policies aren’t entirely inclusive, and leave out sections of the population, including transgender individuals. That isn’t the case with these 15 companies, however. According to the 2018 […]

Pretty Little Lies on Your Resume That Will Prevent You From Snagging the Job

On a resume there’s no such thing as a little white lie. Because either a small embellishment or a large exaggeration will eliminate you faster than you can say, “Hey wait a minute, let me take that back!” And, if by some small chance you and your lies on your […]

5 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn SEO and Reach More Employers

Job seekers who want to take charge of their online job searches need to start applying search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to their social media profiles – especially LinkedIn. Employers are using Google to vet you. When they enter your name, there’s no telling what they might find. The negative comments others […]