Day: May 16, 2018

VMock vs. Jobscan

When it comes to automated resume analysis, two of the most popular web applications out there are VMock and Jobscan. Both systems analyze your resume then offer a score out of 100 with tips to help you improve. Of course we’re biased, but as researchers who strive to provide the […]

Do You Need to Include Months on a Resume? (Examples)

There are many pitfalls for job-seekers who are creating their own resumes. One of the most common of those potential errors involves the question of whether employment months should be listed on the resume. Other potential problems can arise from […] The post Do You Need to Include Months on […]

How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job: A Great Profile Is Not Enough

There’s an old saying that goes something like, “A great website that is not promoted is like a billboard stored in your basement.” This sentiment reminds me of LinkedIn members who have strong profiles but are invisible. For those figuring out how to use LinkedIn to find a job, they […]

The 5 Most Important College-to-Career Transitions to Conquer

When you toss your cap at graduation, you feel a surge of empowerment that real life is finally beginning. When you’re young, milestones come close together, and that reflects how you measure the course of your life. The transition from college to career opens the great expanse of the rest […]

My Job Is to Promote Diversity and Inclusion at a Major Company

Patsy Doerr—Global Head of Corporate Responsibility and Inclusion for Thomson Reuters—had every intention of becoming a doctor. But when she graduated college, she ended up in banking. Here’s how she became a diversity and inclusion advocate at a major company, and what her job’s like. Read Complete Article