Day: May 15, 2018

Shifting Gears: SVP Becky Alseth Talks Culture Change at Ritchie Bros.

Don’t tell Becky Alseth the heavy equipment industry is male dominated. The Senior Vice President, Brands & Innovation, for Ritchie Bros., the world leader in used equipment disposition, works among a diverse group of leaders and says she doesn’t subscribe to that point of view.    “I don’t think of […]

Highly Effective and Respected Managers are Playing Chess, not Checkers 

Whether you’re new to managing a team or looking to improve your leadership skills, the nuances of leading others can be tricky to navigate. And the importance of being a great manager isn’t just a platitude from business books—data from Google (which conducts in-depth research on how to make teams […]

5 Tips for Injecting Culture Fit into Your Resume and Cover Letter

Organizations are seeking top candidates who are a good “culture fit.” As a job seeker, to find a position and a company that you’re going to love and thrive in, you have to do your own vetting. When you identify the organizations you’re most interested in, it’s time to figure […]

The Pipeline: How A Googler Went From HR To Engineering

Angela Taylor always pictured herself appearing on the screen, not working behind one. Growing up in rural Arkansas, she was dead set on becoming an actress in Hollywood. Silicon Valley, which is about a five-hour drive north of Hollywood Boulevard, was never part of the plan. But during Taylor’s junior […]