High Performing Organizations Focus On a Results Based Approach

This might sound like a strange comment coming from a training consultant, but all performance problems are not solved with training. It’s true. When companies are faced with performance challenges, they need to figure out what the challenge is and address it. The question becomes “What’s the right way to […]

BoomerJobTips Update – 5 Things You Will Never Know About the Hiring Process

BoomerJobTips Update Welcome to the BoomerJobTips Update and the central point to get current career information for the Baby Boomer Generation! This week’s popular post is 5 Things You Will Never Know About the Hiring Process. It is time to admit that we don’t know everything about the hiring process at target companies. […]

Lockheed Martin Pledges to Create 8,000 New Jobs for Trade Workers

BETHESDA, Md., July 19, 2018  — Lockheed Martin’s (NYSE: LMT) Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Marillyn A. Hewson pledged that the company will create 8,000 new apprenticeship opportunities and invest $5 million in vocational and trade programs over the next five years as President Donald J. Trump signed an executive order establishing the President’s National Council for the […]

Summary Sunday: Motivation and More

Who doesn’t need a dose of motivation? The summer is filled with distractions and things you would rather do than work or your job search! Sometimes it’s difficult to stay on course.    I’m guilty of being distracted and often need a good kick in the pants to get myself […]

Effective Strategies for Negotiating Up Your Salary as Software Engineer

Whether you’re looking for a new role or hoping to earn more within your current company, negotiating over your salary can feel unnatural to anyone—let alone for software engineers who prefer to (metaphorically) wrestle with computers rather than with people. But doing so can help you to earn significantly more […]

3 Reasons That Job Wasn’t a Waste of Time, Even if Your Current One’s Completely Different

It’s easy to think that your last job was a complete waste of time if you find yourself in a different career now. It’s also important to recognize how your past positions and work experience helped prepare you for your current role. Your last job wasn’t a waste at all! […]

Money Management Tips (That won’t bore you to death)

How many times have you glazed over when trying to listen to an expert tell you what you should already have implemented with your financial plan, profitability forecasting or investments? More than 5 times? More than 10? Here are four tips that you can implement to brighten your financial future […]

Are You Fumbling Your Resume at the One-Yard Line?

  Everybody wants to land a six-figure salary, but nobody wants to put in the work to create a resume worthy of that paycheck. Or so the saying goes. The truth is, NOT knowing how to properly format your resume can easily cost you an interview (even if you are […]